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Team Meeting

We are highly skilled optimists.

We add vision and momentum to any team, and love making an impact beyond our presence.  

Meet Our Team

Having left our mark in various sectors, we have a wealth of experience working with Industry titans like Mercedes-Benz, Duracell, and VW. Our most valuable asset is our holistic understanding of brand and culture.

Schütze Majczynska

Marcelina, our co-founder and strategist, has transformed brands like Mercedes-Benz, HERE Technologies, Mondelēz, VW, and Duracell. With a passion for driving tangible ROI and fostering flourishing workplace environments, her innovative strategies ensure bespoke solutions that elevate brand and nurture employee happiness.


Nicola Plaisant

Nicola, another co-founder, is a seasoned designer with a deep understanding of startup dynamics.. Having collaborated with esteemed companies like Mercedes-Benz, Sum Up, and HERE Technologies, Nicola’sstrength lies in the profound understanding of how brands and products can strategically communicate the values essential for achieving business success. With extensive experience in scale-ups, he's a keen observer of team and culture dynamics. He specialises in optimising product and brand design to drive business success and has initiated a company focussed on providing 360-degree feedback with real impact.


Danny Wünsch

Meet Danny, a co-founder known for his exceptional creativity and strategic prowess, and love for great stories. He specialises in fostering genuine connections between brands and their audiences that transcend mere logos and slogans. Having mastered the magic of storytelling (which is at the very heart of every brand or product), Danny's expertise and passion lie in weaving compelling narratives that truly bring brands to life.

Danny Portrait_edited.jpg

Why Now? 

Culture creates itself. Whether you want it or not. The  question is how much you want to have a say in it and how early. Because it is much more difficult to change a culture  than to develop it from the outset. Starting early is crucial! 

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